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For the third installment of In the Stacks we visit the Museum of the City of New York which recently released 50,000 digital images from their outstanding collection.

What is becoming increasingly clear in the early stages of this new series is that the plethora of material available at many of these digital destinations warrant more than one trip. Rather than overcrowd the initial posts Book Patrol will return, in due time, to select archives to bring you more book goodness.

So, here on the the first visit to the Museum of the City of New York, we focus on the private library. All the photos were taken by the Byron Company photography studio. The MCNY holds 22,000 photos from the firm taken between 1890 and 1942.


 Harvard Club, ca. 1905

Thomas Edison, 1904
Interior of Thomas Edison’s home, 1907
 Martha Morton in her home, 1902

 David Belasco‘s library, 1909
 Hotel Biltmore Library, 1913
 Library of the banking firm Fisk and Robinson, 1902
Residence of John A. Dunbar, 1931
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