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The Main Library at Donald Judd’s La Mansana de Chinati residence in Marfa, Texas.

It has been sixteen years since the passing of Donald Judd. Though known as one of the foremost minimalist painters of the 20th century Judd was also a serious bibliophile. He claimed to have read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica as child which, given his minimalist leanings, is quite a feat. And wherever in the world his art took him he bought books and had them sent back to Marfa.

Library Details:

13,004 books in the library on 576 shelves.
40 languages represented.
2286 duplicates – for Judd was fond of buying multiple copies of some titles so he could share with friends.
3129 Art books.
Judd personally shelved and arranged each book.

Now, thanks to the Judd Foundation, we get a first hand virtual look at his library which remains intact at his noted La Mansana de Chinati residence in Marfa, Texas. Shelf by shelf one can browse Judd’s entire library. You can also search the library.

More, including an interview with the executive director of the Judd Foundation, Barbara Hunt McLanahan, about the project and Judd’s love for books at ARTINFO

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