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Published in 1957 by Viking, On The Road would quickly become a cornerstone work of the Beat Generation and the bible of the American counterculture.

Here is Kerouac appearing on the Steve Allen Show in 1959.

First we get a nice background of the book’s history from Kerouac:

7 years on the road,
3 weeks to write,
and that it was written on a continous piece of teletype paper.

Then Kerouac gets reading and Steve Allen gets playing, providing a stellar piano accompaniment.

Reading from a novel written “in a form that reflected the improvisational fluidity of jazz with Allen and company playing backup is easily worth the five minutes.


First Edition – selection of available copies

Taken from Daybreak Films/Mill Valley Film Group’s documentary “Kerouac, the Movie” (1985). Edits were in the footage already.
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