Japanese used bookstore chain really wants to buy your books September 9, 2020 – Posted in: Bookselling / Collecting, bookshops, Video

Book Off, a secondhand bookstore chain in Japan, is in dire need of inventory. To try and remedy the situation they have produced a television commercial “begging customers to sell them books”

The commercial features employees standing solemnly in two lines along near-empty bookshelves pleading with the viewers to sell them books. 



[youtube]https://youtu.be/9kUTT4TxWV8[/youtube] What kind of books are they asking after:

“Books you’ve read already”

“Books that won’t fit on the book shelf.”

“Books left behind by the girlfriend you forgot about!”

“Books you thought would make you look cool!”

“Books someone could not stop talking about but didn’t interest you at all!”

“Books you still didn’t read even though you were stuck at home!”

What Book Off really seems to need most are small paperback books, known as bunkobon in Japanese and are running a contest full of prizes for customers who bring them in.

More at Japan Today

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