Julian Montague’s invented intellectual history of pest control December 11, 2013 – Posted in: Art, book design, graphic design, Illustration, Installation

Julian Montague cover-1

As part of his 2010 site-specific installation, Secondary Occupants Collected & Observed at Black & White Gallery, Julian Montague invented a  intellectual history of pest control through covers of fictitious paperbacks.

Julian Montague cover-4

In addition to the covers the installation , which examined multiple aspects of animal/architecture engagement, included a rotten garden shed, 48 portrait banners and an assemblage of different specimens found and multiple photographs taken in the process of researching wildlife and architecture.

Julian Montague cover-3

Julian Montague cover-2


Julian Montague cover5


Julian Montague cover 6


Julian Montague cover 7

Montague’s appreciation for book cover design goes much deeper. Aside from his creations above he also maintains the Daily Book Graphics Project, a blog where he posts “some sort of graphic element (mostly covers) from a book.”


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