Kirsty Mitchell’s ‘Wonderland’ May 7, 2013 – Posted in: Art, Books and Art, Photography

‘Wonderland’ began in 2009 as a series of works dedicated to the memory of her mother, an English teacher “who spent over thirty years inspiring generations of children.” 

While grieving the  loss of her mom Mitchell took to “creating an unexplained storybook without words, dedicated to her, that would echo the fragments of the fairytales she read to me constantly as a child.”

Now four years later the storybook is nearing completion and it is filled with 75 stunning works.

Once Upon a Time

The Storyteller

An Ocean of Tales Until The Shores Of Home

A Twist In The Tale

A Forgotten Tale

Wow! Wow! Wow! and just think – this is only the bookish part of ‘Wonderland’

Prints available here

Kirsty Mitchell’s website

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