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Classic Comics No. 1. The Three Musketeers, 1941. Cover art by Malcolm Kildale

For almost 30 years Classic Comics brought the hi-spots of literature to our nations youth via the comic book. First published in 1941 the series changed hands a few times, beginning as Classic Comics and ending as Classics Illustrated in 1969.


Classic Comics No. 26: Frankenstein December, 1945. Cover art by Robert Webb and Ann Brewster

Over 150 issues were published before the demise of the series. Each issue featured author profiles and an ad for the next issue.


Classic Comics No. 18. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Cover art by Allen Simon


Classics Illustrated No. 23, Oliver Twist. July, 1945. Cover by Arnold Hicks


Classic Comics No. 4. The Last of the Mohicans, 1942. Cover art by Ray Ramsey 


Collection at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History

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