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The folks at Twelve South have just unveiled their latest Mac accessory, the BookBook, and it brings a whole new meaning to e-books.

The BookBook is a hardback leather carrying case for your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

“Zip it closed and your baby is nestled between two tough, rigid leather hardback covers for a solid level of impact absorbing protection. The rigid spine serves as crush protection for an additional line of defense. BookBook creates a hardback book structure that safeguards your MacBook like few other cases can.”
These one-of-a-kind designs come in two colors; Classic Black or Vibrant Red and retail for $79.99.

In addition to the sleek and sturdy design Twelve South boasts that the “BookBook is the perfect disguise,” providing “superior security” by masking your laptop as a “vintage piece of literature”

Though it might provide the extra security for your laptop it also might tempt the crooked bibliophile; for many a piece of “vintage literature” has more value than laptop.

I could see it now. Someone leaves their BookBook covered Mac on the table at the library. A book thief sees it, swipes it and is utterly disappointed when they get home, open it, an find they have been duped.

Thanks to Crave, the CNET gadget blog for the lead

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