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Move over Old Macdonald and that rabbit that lives in that green room eating bowls of mush and make room on the shelf for some books from Need to Know Publishing, a new venture started by three dads to help explain the contemporary grown-up world to kids. The first three books off the press deal with coffee, The King and cancer, which just happens to be the second leading cause of death in the US.


need to know coffee


As the publisher states:

Teaching a young child about the ducklings, chicks, and calves that all live together in the barn is fine, especially if you happen to be rearing that child with his seven siblings on a farm…in 1930. However, our children are being raised in the 21st Century in a world filled with pop stars, turmoil, and grande mocha lattes… Using honesty, integrity, simplicity, and, when appropriate, humor, the What Every Child Needs To Know series tackles the issues and icons that color day-to-day life. These books are the perfect way to introduce young children to a favorite artist, to start a conversation about a difficult topic, or just to explain why we adults are the way we are.


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need to know cancer cover



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With a nice healthy mix of  pop culture with the real issues of our time this series provides a great opportunity for us to teach our kids a little cultural literacy along with reading skills. 

And to the three fathers who founded the company –

Go, Dads.

Oh and the next three books are on the Economy, Punk Rock and Pizza!

Catalog of titles here

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