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Norman Mailer parted hair

Who knew that Norman Mailer had a drawing side. The two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author and literary legend also had a penchant for drawing and one of his major influences happened to be Pablo Picasso. 

A gallery of Mailer’s Picasso-inspired drawings is now on view at POBA, a new online platform devoted to “preserving, showcasing, and promoting the work of artists who died without recognition of the full measure of their talents.”

 Taking its name from the phonetic pronunciation of the Tibetan word “phowa,” which refers to the transfer of consciousness at death to a new life, POBA plans to digitally preserve works in all artistic disciplines. In the coming months, POBA will also present special online events such as streamed performances, readings of selected works, and curated exhibits with video introductions. 

Norman Mailer Untitled 13


Norman Mailer ink-on-paper-1974

Norman Mailer Untitled 7


Norman Mailer Untitled 5

View the full gallery here

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