Paper and The Pleasure of Pattern May 5, 2013 – Posted in: bookbinding, Paper

Claudia Cohen is one of the better bookbinders around. She has done work for the likes of the Houghton Library, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Public Library, Pennyroyal Press, Heavenly Monkey Press and the Whitney Museum among others. She is currently in the midst of a stunning multi-book collaboration with noted author Barbara Hodgson.

Cohen also collects paper. Really cool decorated paper from all across the globe. Cohen then uses them to create covers, endsheets and box linings for her bindings and boxes.

For the month of May, the Paper Hammer Gallery in Seattle has transformed itself in a giant paper sample book featuring examples from Cohen’s collection.

The paper dates from the nineteenth century to the present and exhibits a variety of techniques, including lithography, offset and block printing, marbling, stenciling, and paste paper.

Now imagine a whole room cover in this kind of decorated paper. I asked if I could spend the night.

The Pleasure of Pattern runs thru May 31st. All images courtesy of the Paper Hammer Gallery.
If you were wondering what one of her bindings might look like here is a beauty she did for a limited edition of the Haruki Murakami short story Sleep, which original appeared in The New Yorker, and was published by Kat Ran Press in 2004:

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