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freud house

Sigmund Freud was born on this day in 1856. Trained as a neurologist Freud was the founding father of psychoanalysis and left one of the larger footprints on 20th century thought and culture.

His “innovative treatment of human actions, dreams, and indeed of cultural artifacts as invariably possessing implicit symbolic significance has proven to be extraordinarily fruitful, and has had massive implications for a wide variety of fields including psychology, anthropology, semiotics, and artistic creativity and appreciation.”

“Massive implications,” a huge public impact. Well, what about the his private life?

In 1975 The Sigmund Freud Society published a catalog, Sigmund Freud=House, listing 420 items from Freud’s personal universe, many of which where contained in Freud’s last London apartment.

freuds house floor plan


freud house in garden readingSeries of Freud reading in the garden of Anna Freud’s weekend house

freud house libraryFreud’s study, which contained his library and many of his antiques

freud house biz cardAnnouncement of  Freud’s practice and office hours, 1891.

freud house back coverrear cover of Sigmund Freud = House

copies of the catalog

freud house bookand this book about the house was published a year later in 1976 by Basic Books in Berggasse 19: Sigmund Freud’s Home and Offices, Vienna, 1938: The Photographs of Edmund Engelman

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