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poetry on busses

The bus is a unique public space—rich with stories, character and poignant vignettes. It’s a space where, for a short while, all of us are going in the same direction

After a 7 year break poetry is back on the buses of Seattle and it has returned in grand style with the theme of “Writing Home” leading the way.

850 people packed the (re) launch party that featured a slew local poets. Poems were read in English, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese. A true poetic celebration to the diversity that makes Seattle a special place.

The poems are “written by the person across the aisle, that kid in the back and the professional poet alike.”

poetry on buses 1

The program also featured:

a a series of eight Community Poetry Workshops that explored “home” and showcased some of the rich poetic traditions of King County. These bilingual workshops were a unique opportunity for participants to hear poetry and learn poetic forms from expert poets writing in English, Russian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.


The project was undertaken by 4Culture and King Country Metro and clearly adds another feather to the cap of why Seattle is deserving of being a UNESO City of Literature

Poetry on Buses website which will feature a new poem every day of the year

Poetry on Buses, rebooted to reflect diverse ridership | The Seattle Globalist

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