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 It took 200 years to get it to 12 words.

Welcome to Cozy Classics a new series from Simply Read Books that they hope “will invigorate the genre of the infant primer”.

The concept:

Transform the classics into word primers. Every book contains 12 child-friendly words, each accompanied by a needle-felted illustration. 

Each word is carefully selected to relate to a child’s world and works even without any reference to the original. “If you, as a parent, can fill in some of the original tale as part of the reading experience, so much the better!…The Cozy Classics website also offers parents story synopses, quotes, and other tools to help keep the story alive as your child grows.

“Cozy Classics was created with an integrated approach to illustration which combines needle felting, scale model-making and photography.” No computer graphics were used. Pure old school.

and of course, the trailer:

Simply Read website
Cozy Classics website

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