Nemo’s Almanac 1970


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Edited by John Fuller. Published by Sycamore Press, Oxford, 1970. First edition. Pamphlet, stapled wraps. 12mo. Near Fine, unmarked. Uncommon.

First issue of this noted literary quiz to be edited by Fuller. First published in 1884 and still going strong, Nemo’s Almanac allows readers compete to name the origin of the quotes taken from English and American literature. Widely considered the most challenging literary quiz.

from the Nemo’s Almanac site- “John Fuller’s accession was marked, as one might have expected from an Oxford don who is also a distinguished poet, by an increase in arcana (Coleridge notebook jottings known only to specialists, never reprinted anagrams by Joshua Sylvester) as well as in modernity (whether Empson or Highsmith, Redgrove or Angus Wilson). Publishing from his own Sycamore Press, and offering discounts for larger orders, Mr Fuller raised the circulation from 150 to 500 in three years, and a mention in the TLS in 1976 was to add several hundred more, many from the US.”