Project Gutenberg with a Twist March 12, 2014 – Posted in: product design

pernod gutenberg 2

When we think of Project Gutenberg we thing of a vast library of free e-books at our fingertips.

Well,  drink think again. Check out this prototype they’re playing with at the French booze conglomerate Pernod-Richard.

Developed by The Breakthrough Innovation Group (BIG), Project Gutenberg consist of a well designed fleet of 6 recyclable containers, each filled with a different spirit, and a mobile app that leads and guides you to the perfect cocktail.

pernod gutenberg 1

From the press release:

 Project Gutenberg is revolutionising the “bar at home” concept. It will make way for a designer library, made up of “container books” each holding a sealed bottle of spirits, all connected to a service platform: from basic home delivery, automatically triggered according to the container level, to a whole range of tutorials about mixology (cocktail recipes, personalised offers, etc.)

pernod gutenberg 3


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