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Ackermann's Repository1811 Regency Furniture - Library Couch

Ackermann’s Repository was a popular periodical, published in England from 1809-1828.

It’s full moniker was “The Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashion, and Politics.” It was published by R. Ackermann and became known simply as Ackermann’s Repository.

Ackermann's Repository  1809  Library Sofa

It was published monthly and each issue included a slew of colored plates. In the first series which ran from 1809 – 1815 there was an abundance of furniture illustrations, many featuring pieces for the home library.


Ackermann's Repository 1815 v14 Furniture plate 3 Ackermann's Repository 1811 v6 Furniture plate 15 - A Bookcase Ackermann's Repository  1814 v11 Furniture plate 6 Library Table & chair Ackermann's Repository  1812 v7 Furniture plate 17 Library bookcase Ackermann's Repository  1810 v4 Furniture plate 15

h/t to Evelyn Kennedy Duncan – you can see more pieces at her post;  Regency Furniture 1809 -1815: Ackermann’s Repository Series 1.

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