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Love Lines IV – How do I Love thee?

What do you get when you mix Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43, How do I love thee?, with artist Ros Rixon?

You get Love Lines – a series of works that literally captures the poem in all its glory.

Rixon delicately reprints the text and encloses the lines in various bottles and glass cubes. 

Love Lines V – How do I Love thee? Edition of 5. Image courtesy of Heartbreak Gallery

About becoming a book artist Rixon says she:

never set out to be a book artist it just happened. I began working with text and books at University while trying to get to grips with ‘the meaning of art’. The more I read the more I questioned my own thoughts and ideas until I stopped creating. The books began to take over my workspace and the words began to take over my walls. In the midst of research I suddenly found the information around me was evolving into the art. There were times when I wished I could just create something purely for creativity alone, but the words had taken hold

Love Lines II. Edition of 5

Other works:

The Story of Sculpture


 “Violence in the Art,”

and much more at her website

h/t The Forest and the trees

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