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 ‘Bookbed’ was an installation that tapped “into the idea of the book and library in the collective imagination.” The work was made up of three giant books and invited reading and writing groups, classes and workshops to book the space while also programming events that “explored learning, imagination and the book-as-symbol alongside current thinking in culture, education and public space” 

Book Bed Ruth Beale manifesto

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The three giant books were:

The bed – complete with mattress and duvet cover pages, the bed featured an index of story titles culled from the series of creative writing workshops with young people held at the Peckham Library in London; 

A book-shelf – that held an Autodidact Library;

and a writing table that featured the tools for simple book-making as well as space to write responses to a weekly writing challenge.


Book Bed Ruth Beale

Book Bed Ruth Beale 1

‘BookBed’ was installed at Peckham Platform earlier this year.

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