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Filament Mind is the brilliant installation that graces the new Teton County Library in Wyoming.

It is a real-time visual rendering of the “collective curiosities and questions of Wyoming library patrons”. It is composed of over 5 miles of fiber optic cables and has 44 LED illuminators that connect the visual data to 904 text labels with each fiber optic cable corresponding to a Dewey Decimal call number! The 1,000 categories represented by the Dewey Decimal call numbers are displayed on the north and south walls.

Here’s how it works:

When a search is performed by a library patron, the Dewey Decimal call numbers of the items suggested to the patron instruct Filament Mind to illuminate the group of cables and text corresponding to the call numbers’ titles in vibrant yellow. Then, if a patron actually clicks on an item to view it, Filament Mind illuminates the group corresponding to that item in bright blue. It also illuminates the cables of related call numbers so that patrons can see what other categories of information are related to topics being searched

Filament Mind was designed by Brian W. Brush and Yong Ju Lee of E/B Office New York

      © David Agnello Photography

     © David Agnello Photography

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