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First published in 1941 by Penguin Books (UK). Shown here is the 1954 Penguin Books paperback edition. What would make this cover even more perfect would be to see the hint of a large abominable snowman peering over the spine.
::From Chocolate Cobwebs 

A 1944 White Circle version of the same mystery. Artist unknown.
::From UK Vintage

A Dell mystery classic by Rufus King, with equally classic cover art by George Gregg. 
::From UK Vintage

A 1952 Pocket Book No. 901 by Howard Rigsby. Someone is not going to have a good holiday. Cover art by George Mayers.
::From UK Vintage

An outstanding 1942 Norman Saunders cover design in bright holiday colors even.
::From Matthew Kirscht

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, by Agatha Christie, 1963 with cover design by Tom Adams. Not a particularly exciting cover, but the book’s title is reason enough alone to pick this one up for a read.
::From A Woman in the Woods

Trashy 1951 Dell mystery No. 735, A Corpse for Christmas, by Henry Kane, with a very contentious cover design by Griffith Foxley.
::From John McClaverty who states, “The only thing worse than a lump of coal in your stocking…”. 

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