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Pixcell Deer by Kohei Nawa

Let’s start off the new decade in Shanghai featuring what very well could be one of the coolest pop-up bookshops of the last decade and the opening of a new poetry bookshop.

In early 2018, inside the art space – bookshop of Modern Eye in Central Shangai, dongqi Architects created a three-story pavilion for the noted art gallery and publisher, Hauser & Wirth.

The space featured publications and other goodies and drew its inspiration from the Granary Shed at the Hauser & Wirth gallery in Somerset, England. The shed is a traditional English structure used to store grain and to protect it from the elements.

View more at arch daily. All photos by Raitt Liu.

Shanghai’s newest poetry bookshop, Sinan Books: Poetry Store has recently opened in the Huangpu District. It is housed in a smartly renovated old Russian Orthodox church.

Opening inventory –  1,880 titles, including 600 foreign volumes. Books are shelved by country, besides China, the books are mainly from 10 countries, including Japan, France, Britain, America, Poland, Italy and Russia.More at Shine


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