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l delaney miniature library

A dollhouse without books is like a miniature room without windows!

Books add life and character to a room! There isn’t a miniature scene that a book would not look fantastic in—libraries, studies, attics, bedrooms, living rooms…

Her moniker is: Miniatures for the Well-Appointed Dollhouse!

L. Delaney has had the doll bug since she was a child. She was always bothered by the combination of inconsistent quality and the high prices of dollhouse accessories then one Christmas she decided to do something about it. With all the scrap material that was accumulating in her room she set out to create some miniatures for her grandparents who just happened to be dollhouse hobbyists.

Clearly she was on to something for her Etsy shop currently sits at over 700 items with most having to do with miniatures.

If your thinking of going small this holiday season this just might be the place.


l delaney miniature

l delaney miniature books

l delaney miniature books secret compartment

l delaney miniature scrolls

l delaney miniature books pride

l delaney miniature books grinch

L Delaney’s Etsy shop

Book pairing:

The Dolls Story-Book


The Dolls’ Story Book

Edited by Mary I. Lovejoy. Published by the W.A. Wilde Company, 1908. 

A volume in The Happy Hour series. Anthology of stories about dolls.




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