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New-Balance author series

The American footwear manufacturer New Balance have unleashed a new line of sneakers based on the work of leading American authors.

Of the new line Ben Cuthbert, the associate product manager for New Balance’s lifestyle department, told the Boston Magazine:

Our muse for the New Balance Made in USA collections has always been the storied history of the United States. No one captures the essence, spirit, and the American experience better than American authors and the stories they have told throughout history. For the Made in USA Authors Collections, we pay homage to great American authors by building a collection inspired by their stories and moments





Unfortunately the shoes are not named after the authors only inspired by them. I would be much more inclined to consider purchasing The Salinger, The Melville, or  The Fitzgerald than a sneaker called an M997 PR,  etc.

There are three phases of the Author Collection.  The “Bespoke Authors” were released this month and sell for around $300. The “Distinct Authors” and “Connoisseur Authors” are due in August and September respectively and will sell from around $150-$240.

I think I would rather spend that money on books.

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