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Currently on view at the University of Rochester’s Rush Rhees Library Rare Books and Special Collections Department is “Springing to Life,” an exhibit of over 50 pop-up and moveable books spanning nearly 500 years.

These are books “that spring to life before our eyes” and showcase the amazing work of paper engineers.  

David Carter’s “One Red Dot: A Pop-up for Children of All Ages” (2005)

Exactly what is the difference between a “pop-up” book and a “moveable” book?
Well, a “pop-up” book features collapsible paper devices that elevate off the page into three dimensional structures, while the “movable” book contains mechanical paper devices that remain flat, such as paper discs, flaps, and pull tabs.

 Peter Apian’s “Libro dela Cosmographia” (1548)

Enjoy the video and next time you’re in a bookstore take some time to marvel at some of these  amazing feats of paper engineering.

 Robert Sabuda’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: a pop-up adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s original tale” (2003)

The exhibit is curated by Leah Hamilton and runs through August 17th

Review of the exhibit in the Rochester City Newspaper

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