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This holiday season’s must have for the Trekkie in your life is the new book;  “Star Trek Federation – The First 150 Years.

Published by 47NORTH, this “deluxe history book” focuses on the founding and early years of  “the United Federation of Planets” – you remember that interplanetary alliance that explored the galaxy committed to keeping its members safe from Klingons, Romulans, and other villains.

 illustration by Mark McHaley

The book is heavily illustrated and in a pocket inside the rear cover you’ll find “documents from the Federation Archives,” including a handwritten letter by a young Jim Kirk to his mother.

The book is housed in a plastic pedestal display which lights up with the push of a button to the familiar voice of actor George Takei as Admiral Hikaru Sulu introducing the book.

Star Trek’s future is history in new book | Reuters
 ars technica talks to the author, David Goodman

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