Stephen Colbert Writes Again October 4, 2012 – Tags: , , , ,

Media meister, Stephen Colbert, released his third book this week, America Again, now in 3D. In a recent book review he wrote for GQ, he offered to give it “three thumbs up out of four stars”. This is from someone who also suggested the GQ editor use “Weepy Garamond” for the opening sentence, “It’s no secret that America is hurting”.

I should have known the great American design team at Stephen Doyle Partners was responsible for designing Stephen Colbert’s newest book…again. Doyle designer, Ben Tousley kindly shared this teaser video Doyle Partners made to celebrate it. It is a great example of smart and playful design, which is what Doyle does the very best. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. You can too: here.

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