From Tablet to Tablet: A short history of reading September 2, 2013 – Posted in: infographics, Reading / Literacy


This infographic comes to us via ebookfriendly.

Looks pleasing though not sure about the Weights and Measures graphic for what does it have to do with reading . Beside,  I haven’t seen anyone (except a breed of bookseller) carrying around 30+ books in their hands on a regular basis.

Also wonder about how green e-reading is in the long run –  the graph gives us a 4 year comparison – then what – in all likelihood within 4 years you will be reading on a new device – I have numerous books that over 100 years old in my library – What are the odds my e-reader will still function in 100 years? How many devices will I have read on and  discarded in that time? Where did they all go and at what environmental cost?

Oh and I have books both in my house and on my e-reader that I will probably never get to.

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