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A Bookless Future: "What Other People Think is Wrong" January 28, 2013

Short video created by Eden Ames for the Youth Free Expression Project Film Contest held by the National Coalition Against Censorship.  The theme of this year’s contest: You’re Reading What?!? ” A young boy, in his curiosity of a book his mother blatantly disapproves of, discovers the costly blinding effects of close-mindedness and makes up his mind to reject such a disposition resolving to understand varying perspectives through broad reading.” Watch all 12 semifinalists  here and don’t…

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Mikey on the Bookshop January 11, 2013

I don’t know much about Mikey other than he’s from the UK and has a penchant for books. One of his recent blogs is a 7 minute ramble on the bookshop experience and the “weird little things” that happen in the bookshop. Enjoy.

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Introducing book patrol TV April 12, 2012

Welcome to book patrol TV a new weekly one hour video feast of book goodness. Culled from the mountains of book themed videos permeating the internet bpTV aims to present the viewer with a wide range of material from all corners of the book world. Content will feature both new and older material and include book trailers, animations, readings, commercials, movie scenes, how to videos and book-themed exhibitions. Episodes can be dedicated to a sole…

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