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Of Interest: The Scribe, Etiquette for Freedom, Cocktails for Book Lovers, and some worthy bookseller catalogs July 30, 2014 – Posted in: Of Interest: Featured Books / Reviews

Still looking for some late summer reads and acquisitions? Here are some recent books and bookseller catalogs that have struck our fancy.  The Scribe by Antonio Garrido. Translated by Simon Bruni. Really enjoyed this one. Though I am not much of an historical fiction reader this one caught me and kept me in. We’re talking 8th century and a time where woman had about as much status as an animal. We follow Theresa a women who…

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May Day in Print May 1, 2014 – Posted in: books

Happy International Worker’s Day! Here are two recent bookseller offerings to wet your radical appetite. First  an e-list from Lorne Bair (pdf) featuring 19 choice items on the struggle: and a catalog from Eureka Books featuring 50+ items including a lot of photographs of Cesar Chavez.

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