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In the Stacks: Boston Public Library December 11, 2010 – Posted in: In the Stacks

This is the first installment of a new series on Book Patrol. In the Stacks. A series dedicated to exploring the digital archives of the leading libraries, institutions and organizations of the known universeFirst up is the Boston Public Library who recently released over 15,000 images from their archive through Flickr. 1895 advertising poster for Houghton Mifflin’s holiday books Got to love this shot of kids learning “the right use of books” South Boston’s class…

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Sacco & Vanzetti: Jazz Age Terrorists? April 14, 2010

Criminals or Patsies? Bartolomeo Vanzetti (left), Handcuffed to Nicola Sacco. Dedham, MA Superior Court, 1923.(Courtesy Boston Public Library) It was a crime so sensational that the label “crime of the century” was inevitable. What else would you call a case featuring anarchists, communists, socialists, terrorists, politicians, celebrity protesters, global crusaders, innocent victims, scapegoats, Jingoism, Xenophobia, a payroll heist, two murders, and executions in the electric chair? April 15, 2010 marks the 90th anniversary of the…

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