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Bloomsbury Sets Loose the Dogs of Deflation July 7, 2009

The following originally appeared last week in Fine Books & Collections magazine. The Update that follows appears here for the first time, exclusive to Book Patrol.In a recent column, I discussed deflation coming to the rare book world, with particular emphasis on the auction houses. In my mailbox this morning comes news that Bloomsbury, the auction house that has been leading the market to realistic reserves, has now made it official with their first No…

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Deflation Comes to the Rare Book Market (Cheers! Boos!) July 6, 2009

The following two-part post recently appeared in Fine Books & Collections magazine. Due to its importance to the rare book community, the C in C of Book Patrol asked that I reprint it here. Part Two will appear tomorrow (June 7th) with an update exclusive to Book Patrol.The title of Americana Exchange‘s latest analysis of the book auction market succinctly sums up what those in the trade have been feeling for quite some time –…

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