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If Hemingway Wrote Javascript: Imagining the literary greats writing code October 28, 2014 – Posted in: Books and Technology, Of Interest: Featured Books / Reviews

The tech world collides with the book world in If Hemingway Wrote Javascript, a new offering from No Starch Press. For writers as with computer programmers it is all about the language. It is the starting point for each discipline and to succeed at both one must master the craft while developing their own style. If Hemingway Wrote JavaScript is a book that “playfully bridges the worlds of programming and literature for the literary geek in all of…

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Code Poetry: Bits and Verse for the Software set January 8, 2014 – Posted in: Books and Technology

Talk about creative programming. Submissions are now being accepted for the Code Poetry Slam 1.1 At the Slam, finalists presented work ranging from human language poems incorporating concepts and gestures from programming, to poems written entirely in compilable code. They were invited to present their poems in whatever way they saw fit, and performed with various techniques, including poems composed and compiled in an IDE, multimedia audio/visual presentations, and straight readings from a notebook. The slam, sponsored  Department…

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