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Trouble in Carver Country January 27, 2012

cover of the Arcade edition Tess Gallagher, the widow of short story master Raymond Carver, is suing Skyhorse Publishing over the book Carver Country: The World of Raymond Carver. The copyright suit alleges that the book contains unauthorized use of excerpts and photos. The book, originally published by Charles Scribner’s Sons in hardback in 1990, was released in a  a paperback edition by Arcade in 1994 . Skyhorse Publishing acquired Arcade last year.  cover of the…

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The Google Books Settlement: The Monster and the Maze March 5, 2010

This is Asaf Hanuka‘s amazing illustration of the Google Book Monster which appears on the cover of this month’s issue of California Lawyer. It accompanies Tom McNichol’s feature story on GBS, Saving the World from Google. click to enlarge The Library Copyright Alliance has released this dizzying chart outlining all the legal possibilities that still remain. They have named this maze; “GBS March Madness: Paths Forward for the Google Books Settlement.” Looks like there is…

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J.D. Salinger Files Lawsuit From Grave January 29, 2010

BOOK PATROL ALERT: SALINGER DIES, FILES LAWSUIT. Reclusive and litigious author J.D. Salinger, just hours after having been reported dead by the New York Times, appeared in ethereal form in New York Superior Court to file suit against the Times and a number of other major media outlets for the unauthorized reporting of his demise. Cornered in a men’s room stall shortly thereafter, Mr. Salinger responded by sliding a written mimeographed statement under the door…

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