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Dogs Rule: Nonchalantly September 5, 2014 – Posted in: Content, Illustration, Of Interest: Featured Books / Reviews

For his first book illustrator Mark Ulriksen took to Kickstarter. Somewhat of a dog specialist having “painted dogs for magazines such as The New Yorker, Time, GQ, The Atlantic Monthly, as well as for children’s books and people who wanted a portrait of their dog” he was ready to compile his first book about his canine friends. Hoping to raise $25,000 to produce a worthy, well-made book, when all was said and done, Ulriksen raked in…

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Bad Dog! A 17th Century Canine Book Review December 11, 2012

The illustration above appears in the 1697 book, Critique historique, politique, morale, economique et comique sur les lotteries by Gregorio Leti. Leti was a vocal critic of the Catholic Church and of the Pope. His works earned him a spot on the Church’s infamous list of prohibited books, the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. As a close up of the image reveals the dogs didn’t take to kindly to the stream of books invading their space. And here is the…

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These Libraries Are Going To The Dogs January 13, 2010

A “Reading Dog” Offers A Comforting Paw (Images Courtesy Of Librarydogs.) Library cats have garnered nationwide media coverage recently, including here on Book Patrol. Not wishing to offend canine loving readers, today’s post gives library dogs equal time. Libraries across the country from Swampscott, MA. to San Jose, CA. are making exceptions to that arcane “No Dogs Allowed ” rule for a program proven to help struggling young readers. “I need a little help with…

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