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Small is Beautiful: The Work of L. Delaney November 5, 2014 – Posted in: book design, Content

A dollhouse without books is like a miniature room without windows! Books add life and character to a room! There isn’t a miniature scene that a book would not look fantastic in—libraries, studies, attics, bedrooms, living rooms… Her moniker is: Miniatures for the Well-Appointed Dollhouse! L. Delaney has had the doll bug since she was a child. She was always bothered by the combination of inconsistent quality and the high prices of dollhouse accessories then one Christmas…

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The Really Small World of Tim Sidford August 30, 2014 – Posted in: books in design, Content, Interior Design

  We all know good things come in small packages but British artist Tim Sidford takes the cake with his meticulous miniature interiors.  Bordering on unbelievable, Sidford recreates the stuff that dreams are made of within the smallest of structures. Here’s his take on his “bonkers hobby of creating miniature interiors”: I love the drama of many historic interiors. Creating these models helps allows me to indulge my ‘inner designer’! The rooms are constructed from wood and…

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The little libraries of Marc Giai-Miniet January 22, 2013 – Posted in: Content

Elevator 109 x 56 x 14 cm., 2012 Whether he chooses the dollhouse or the diorama for his container French artist Marc Giai-Miniet clearly shows a big love for books in small spaces. Three machines that want to know, 60 x 45 x 13 cm, 2012 Elevators, machines, technology, decay. It’s all there in incredible detail and precision . Crime scene; Box 88 x 92 x 10  and 4 drawings 38 x 30.5 (Loustal), 2012 The suitcase 37 x 50…

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