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Selected Reading with Eric Yahnker September 3, 2014 – Posted in: Art, Books and Art, Content, Exhibits

Selected Reading (Core of Conviction), Charcoal and graphite on paper, 100 x 72 in., 2012 Combining deep technical skill with a healthy sense of humor Eric Yahnker’s work relieves much of the seriousness that one usually associates with an A-list artist. His witty pairings of objects with detailed drawings challenges and exposes the deeply ingrained duality that hinders our culture. His series Selected Reading highlights his approach by providing iconic cultural imagery with some challenging reading material.…

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Norman Mailer does Picasso July 22, 2014 – Posted in: Art, Content

Who knew that Norman Mailer had a drawing side. The two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author and literary legend also had a penchant for drawing and one of his major influences happened to be Pablo Picasso.  A gallery of Mailer’s Picasso-inspired drawings is now on view at POBA, a new online platform devoted to “preserving, showcasing, and promoting the work of artists who died without recognition of the full measure of their talents.”  Taking its name from the…

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"Literary Puns" by Timothy Leo Taranto January 29, 2013

The project:Create a series of drawings of famous authors based on a slight twist of name.The result:Pure entertainment. PoseiDon DeLillo Where’s Waldo Emerson Design Taxi as a few more images here Famous Novelists Turned Into Whimsical Wordplay  and the artist posts the latest ones here

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