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Is This The Rarest Color-Plate Book Of All? February 1, 2010

Death of Ponitawski, detail. Only one copy has come to auction in thirty-five years. There is only one copy in institutional holdings worldwide. So few were issued, in fact, that the publisher didn’t bother having a title page printed. Only four copies are known to exist. This is one of them. Manuscript title inlaid to window-panel with engraved border. The book is Military Duties, Occurrences &c. &c., a color-plate book of the utmost rarity by…

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The Miniature Theaters of Martin Engelbrecht July 23, 2009

In the fourth decade of the eighteenth century a new form of entertainment emerged in a world hungry for novelty, cleverness, and beauty in the privacy of one’s home. Artist Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756) and his brother Christian were printsellers and engravers in Augsburg, Germany during the eighteenth century. Martin Engelbrecht engraved some plates after Rugendas and other masters; his other works included illustrations for Ovid’s Metamorphoses, The War of Spanish Succession, Les Architectes Princiers by…

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