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Skirts In Dust Jackets: Indie Women, Wayward Wives, Soiled Damsels, Sassy Lassies, and Hard-Boiled Dames January 25, 2010

Meherin, Elenore. “Sandy.” Gosset & Dunlap, 1926.“She defied life’s Conventions in her search for THRILLS!” Photoplay edition. Women on the move, on the make, on the day shift, on the night shift, on their feet, on their backs, on the go, on their way, onward and upward. Sometimes a rare book catalog is organized like a library exhibition, the dealer/cataloger as curator to a wide variety of books that when grouped together tell a compelling…

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When "Little Women" and "Little Men" Get Together, Hubba-Hubba January 13, 2010

True first editions of Little Women and Little Men in the publisher’s original cloth. “I plod away, through I don’t enjoy this sort of thing. Never liked girls, or knew many, except my sisters, but our queer plays and experiences may prove interesting, though I doubt it… Sent twelve chapters to Mr. N [Thomas Niles, her editor at Roberts Brothers]. He thought it dull; so do I. But I work away and mean to try…

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Winslow Homer and the Women of “The New Novel” December 14, 2009

The New Novel. Watercolor, 1877. In 1877, Winslow Homer exhibited his watercolor, The New Novel, at an exhibition of the American Watercolor Society. It is an image that below its surface of innocent, leisurely repose churns a contemporary cultural scene fraught with change and fear; the culture-war in the U.S. had begun. “…Avoid also all those miserable sensational…novels and illustrated papers which are so profusely scattered around on every side. The demand which exists for…

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