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The latest from Google: An interactive art installation that turns your words into poetry August 26, 2015 – Posted in: Books and Art, Content, Installation

Talk about enhancing a construction project. Google has unveiled Poetrics, an interactive art installation at the future site of their new offices in the Kings Cross neighborhood of London. Poetrics is the result of  a competition run in partnership with University of the Arts London’s Central Saint Martins to create an “interactive experience for the Kings Cross community”. The installation utilizes Google’s voice search technology and the Google Speech platform and features 17 LED panels that display the words spoken into…

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The Future is Here: A Book-Scanning Robot November 27, 2012

Featuring the latest in robotics and 3D technology the BFS-Auto is a lightning fast, hi-definition scanner that just might change the playing field.  Developed at the noted Ishikawa Oku Laboratory at the University of Tokyo the BFS-Auto digitally scans books at an amazing rate of 250 pages a minute without modifying the book by cutting ! Let’s repeat:  it scans 250 pages a minute in hi-definition without damaging the book. No more hands in the picture, no more…

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A Google Pictionary May 29, 2012

  Sure, we’re close to the end of the printed dictionary, for it is perhaps the ultimate printed matter for digital replacement. Now what if we replace the words with images?  Welcome to Google book  a project by Ben West & Felix Heyes. In Google book, West and Hayes provide a visual rendering of the Google-first mentality that currently permeates and dominates our culture’s search for information.   Here’s what they did : They took the…

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