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The Gothic Imagination invades the British Library October 29, 2014 – Posted in: Content, Exhibits

This is the  perfect time of year to get spooked out and The British Library is helping the cause with their latest exhibit, Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination.   Comprised of two hundred objects spanning two hundred and fifty years of Gothic literature the exhibit “presents an intriguing glimpse of a fascinating and mysterious world.” image Universal /The Kobal Collection Starting with Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto and ending with the current zombie craze: The show provides…

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Strawberry Hill Forever December 4, 2009

Horace Walpole’s Castle, Strawberry Hill. When you think of haunted houses, tortured heroes, mysterious femmes fatales, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and dark and stormy nights, what author comes to mind? Perhaps Stephen King, Stephenie Meyer, or Anne Rice? Probably not Horace Walpole. But fans of The Shining, Twilight, and Interview With The Vampire might not be enjoying their favorite scary stories if not for the inventor of the Gothic novel, Horatio Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford.…

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