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Don’t Fail Idaho: A Campaign to Improve Education March 26, 2013

They rank 48th in the country in K-12 education. 60% of 4th and 8th grade students have poor math and reading skills. and only one in ten will go on to graduate from college. Completely unacceptable. So what to do – well, Buck came up with this animation for the ad agency Drake Cooper to help spread the word about Idaho’s failing public educational system for the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation. Fingers crossed.

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A ‘Radical’ Library for the Hip-Hop Set in the South Bronx March 25, 2013

“If we make it cool to read books in the South Bronx…then it’s a victory” –Rodrigo Venegas, aka Rodstarz, one-third of the rap crew, Rebel Diaz, and founding member of the cultural collectiveWelcome to The Richie Perez Radical Library, a new library created by the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective. The library, which was named for a South Bronx educator and activist who died in 2004, features “works by influential thinker-agitators, such as Angela Davis and Malcolm…

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Valentine’s Day is also International Book Giving Day February 8, 2013

What a better way to spend Valentine’s Day them to buy something bookish for a loved one and to give a book away to a child! International Book Giving Day encourages you to give, leave or a donate a book to a child.At Biblio, BiblioWorks is dedicated to doing just this on a daily basis – getting books in the hands of kids in communities in need. They believe that healthy communities require healthy minds. That’s…

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