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O. Henry’s Morphine Overdose, Pay-Scale, and Advice to Writers October 28, 2009

Recently, while on recon for Book Patrol, I discovered Fog in Santone, a short story by O. Henry (William Sydney Porter, 1862-1910) set in San Antonio Texas and loaded with morphine. In it, O. Henry limns the nexus of tuberculosis, desperate sufferers, and drug addiction amongst the sick and “sporting class” with lighthearted morbidity. In contrast to Fog in Santone, At Arms With Morpheus takes place in turn-of the-century New York City boarding house. From…

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An O. Henry Story Loaded With Morphine October 14, 2009

“The drug clerk looks sharply at the white face half concealed by the high-turned overcoat collar. “’I would rather not supply you,’ he said doubtfully. ‘I sold you a dozen morphine tablets less than an hour ago.’ “The customer smiles wanly. ‘The fault is in your crooked streets. I didn’t intend to call upon you twice, but I guess I got tangled up. Excuse me.” Thus begins Fog in Santone by American short story master…

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The Story of O. Henry House October 12, 2009

San Antonio, TX. This burg will never be accused of being a book town. Visiting the city – which possesses one of the loveliest downtown areas in the country – only one rare book shop was found: The History Shop, located across the street from the Alamo. It was not impressive; concentrating on weapons, maps and some books, its diorama of the Alamo is about the best that can be said for it. The Antiquarian…

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