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New York University’s Tamiment Library Acquires The Nation Archives July 22, 2015 – Posted in: Special Collections

“To read The Nation is to see the evolution of the American Left.” –  Timothy Naftali, director of the Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives   Currently celebrating its 150th anniversary The Nation is America’s oldest weekly magazine. It was where the likes of James Baldwin, Ralph Nader and Hunter S. Thompson published their first work. It is where the leading writers, thinkers and leaders this country has produced  have shared their thoughts on the…

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The Nation’s Fall Books Supplement of 1924 served up an especially spicy potage December 3, 2014 – Posted in: Content, In the Stacks, Of Interest: Featured Books / Reviews

As those of you who check in with us regularly know, one of our guiding lights is our regular visits to the past. Whether it’s an archive for In The Stacks, collectible books for a homage to an author or book, or referencing some past event to help us make us sense of the present we are always deeply indebted to what has come before. We are delighted to have Richard Kreitner contribute this piece to Book Patrol. In celebration…

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