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For Your Listening Pleasure: New Technology Rescues Poets from Old Vinyl December 8, 2014 – Posted in: Books and Technology, Content, Special Collections

 The Woodberry Poetry Room at Harvard University just might be the closest thing we have to a poetry heaven on earth. Yes, there is the extensive collection of 20th and 21st century English-language poetry books and “an encyclopedic array of poetry journals and literary magazines” but the crown jewel of the collection is their collection of sound recordings, “one of the largest poetry-specific sound archives in the world”.  And, as you can imagine, many of the older vinyl…

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Picturing the Record Collector: Dust & Grooves by Eilon Paz April 15, 2014 – Posted in: books, Photography

Born out of his successful website of the same name photographer Eilon Paz has now collected a healthy sampling of his portraits of record collectors from around the world in his debut book; Dust and Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting. 130 vinyl collectors are featured, each in the friendly confines of their record rooms. The first section of the books focuses on the visuals while the second part features 12 in-depth interviews which lets us in…

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