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God’s Word Saves WWI Soldier November 26, 2012

North-east France, 1917. German infantryman Kurt Geiler was sleeping as he usually did with his bible underneath his head when the bomb hit. Though a 4cm piece of shrapnel beat up the bible Geiler was unharmed and was one of the few who survived. The bible has become a ‘family anti-war memorial’ and is still in the possession of Geiler family  more at Retronaut:  Life-saving Bible from WWI  h/t Reading Copy

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Winds Of War Stir Nation’s Libraries March 31, 2010

Illustrator and theatrical designer Charles Buckles Falls created this lithograph to promote the American Library Association’s First World War book drives for soldiers. Donated books were seen as a key to keeping up morale, and stocked temporary wartime libraries, as well as being given directly to soldiers. The most popular books on the frontlines were adventure and detective fiction, biographies, military histories, and travel journals. As the war wound down, soldiers began to request titles…

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