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Meet Deborah Alma the Emergency Poet and mastermind of “the world’s first and only mobile poetic first aid service.”

Dressed in white coat and stethoscope, Emergency Poet travels the UK in her 1970’s ambulance, accompanied by Nurse Verse or The Poemedic. Her domain –  literary and music festivals, libraries, schools, pubs, weddings and conferences… “anywhere where poetic help may be urgently required…”

Emergency Poet offers consultations inside her ambulance and prescribes poems as cures. In the waiting room under an attached awning Nurse Verse dispenses poemcetamols and other poetic pills and treatments from the Cold Comfort Pharmacy.

emergency poet 3


emergency poet 4

Perhaps the folks at Wave Books can trade in their Poetry Bus for a fleet of these beauties to traverse the country during National Poetry Month!

BBC profile of the Emergency Poet:

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