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 In  2008, JoAnne Kohler took a leap. With bookshops all over the country closing at an alarming rate she decided to open one in Salem, Oregon.  She named it the Tea Party Bookshop. Kohler thought that the some of the aspects of the Boston Tea Party (think independence, community involvement, and the desire to shop locally)  would mirror much of what she was trying to accomplish.

From the About Us page of the Tea Party Bookshop website

The historical Boston Tea Party took place December 23rd, 1774. This event inspired our name as it was the first instance where an American populace rose up to protest corporate control of their buying choices. Tea Party Bookshop is a strong advocate of environmental responsibility, fair trade practices, and supporting the local economy. Our store specializes in merchandise that promotes both a healthier you and a healthier environment.

Tea Party Bookshop owner JoAnne Kohler, (DANIELLE PETERSON | Statesman Journal file)

Then came the rise of the Sarah Palin & Company Tea Party movement and with it a seemingly unending barrage of questions about the bookshop and its relation to the movement.

“I tried to let them simply go away, but no, they continue to gather on the National Mall, with their slogans..And as much as I advocate freedom of speech, and as much as I endorse the political process, I just do not wish to have to keep apologizing for the name of the shop.” Kohler told the Statesmen Journal.

 Kohler has had enough. She has decided to dump the Tea Party name and will soon be unveiling the new name of her shop.

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