The 100th anniversary of the destruction of the University of Leuven Library August 15, 2014 – Posted in: Banned / Censored / Destroyed, Content, Libraries

leuven_library On August 19th, 1914 the Germans seized control of the Belgian town of Leuven and began bombarding it. One of the most notable targets was the University of Leuven (Louvain) Library which was soon razed to the ground. An estimated 300,000 books, 1000 manuscripts and 800 incunabula were looted or destroyed! The world was horrified by the wanton destruction and efforts where made to collect books to help replenish the library In 1924 the library was reopened, it was financed by the  National Committee of the United States for the Restoration of the University of Louvain.   leuven_library in ruins   leuven_library 1 leuven_library 2 Sadly and unconscionably the library was leveled again in the fight against the German army in 1940. One million more books were lost. Here is how it looks today: Leuven library today More: Centenary of the Destruction of the University of Leuven Library | John Rylands Library Special Collections Blog. For more in-depth look  at the  troubling pattern of book destruction see these three titles: desturction of books       A Universal History of the Destruction of Books: From Ancient Sumner to Modern-Day Iraq by Fernando Baez. Atlas & Co., 2008 Buy: Powell’s | Amazon                     books on fire        Books on Fire: The Destruction of Libraries throughout History by Lucien X. Polastron. Inner Traditions, 2007. Buy: Powell’s | Amazon                       burning books       Burning Books and Leveling Libraries: Extremist Violence and Cultural Destruction by Rebecca Knuth. Praeger, 2006 Buy: Powell’s | Amazon

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