the best selling SCI-FI BOOKS of All Time: An infographic November 15, 2012 – Tags: ,



A tweet from a prominent source was sent alluding to this post as a ‘book patrol infographic’

This infographic was not created by book patrol.The via link above will reflect my source but I was unable to track down the original source in my research, usually that would be enough it keep out of circulation but in this case I felt the visual rendering of the information worthy of the post.

Apparently the factual nature of many of the entries are in doubt. The blog Making Light exposes some of them in their post: Obvious nonsense about SF sales history. There is also an active comment thread on the post that includes a few shots at book patrol including this one from one of the founders of the blog:

“My rough estimate is that I could write for a solid month without exhausting the comment-worthy errors on that site. I won’t. People are always being wrong on the internet. What makes this one worth noticing at all is that Book Patrol is so confidently and elaborately wrong that it’s liable to be mistaken for real information.”

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